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NSW Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS)
conditional registration to cover modified vehicles

The NSW government has developed the Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS) for registration of modified vehicles in NSW. The new scheme caters for vehicles 30 and older which do not conform to the current Historic scheme. To be eligible, the vehicle and owner must both reside in NSW. Refer RMS web site for further details:  http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/roads/registration/get-nsw-registration/classic-vehicles/index.html

NSW’s Council of Motor Clubs (CMC) provides links to all of the required forms for the scheme: http://www.councilofmotorclubs.org.au/hcrs-documents/cvs-documents.html

The Australian Confederation of Motor Clubs (ACMC) has produced a Guidelines document which contains samples of each of the forms with instructions for their completion. The guideline document is accessible via the following CMC link:

This information is provided for NSW residents those who may have eligible vehicles registered in NSW.