Modified & Altered Vehicles Policy

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CACTMC Policy on Modified and Altered Vehicles:

To be eligible for registration under the ACT CRS a vehicle must be as close to possible to its original configuration without any significant alterations.
This does not, however, preclude the following:

  • Addition of period options or accessories;
  • Alteration to enhance the safe operation of a vehicle;
  • Alterations to improve the handling or reliability of a vehicle; or
  • Alterations to meet the safety requirements of the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) or other motor sports authorities to allow the vehicle to participate in historic motoring events conducted under the auspices of such bodies

Vehicle owners should review the Council policy on allowable vehicle modifications and alterations and discuss their vehicle with their club registrar. Where additional clarification is required, the club registrar should discuss the vehicle with the Council Registrar

Click here for the RTA’s “Light Vehicles Modification policy”