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CACTMC Operational Review

Council has embarked on a review of its Objectives, Purposes and Operating Model. Subject to the recommendations of the review and their acceptance by Council, a second stage will be to draft revisions to CACTMC’s Constitution and its associated By Laws, Business and Strategic Plans.

Task of the Review
To Provide a report and make recommendations concerning:
 1. Whether the current Objectives and Purposes are appropriate;
 2. Whether the current Operating Model is appropriate.

CACTMC Affiliated Clubs were invited to provide a submission on either or both of the two items above. Submissions must be on behalf of a CACTMC affiliated club (one per club) and forwarded through the Club’s nominated CACTMC Delegate.

Closing date for submissions wass Thursday April 20 2017.

The Report on the Review was presented to Council at the General Meeting in June 2017.

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