Club Advice Sheets

Club advice sheets are essentially answers to Frequently Asked Questions that the Council committee receives from various individuals and clubs on typical club activities/issues. The Council will be updating these advice sheets regularly. Please feel free to contact the Council if you have an advice sheet you feel should be included.

The Advice Sheets are currently being updated therefore, where the they refer to Road User Services, Urban Services, etc, due to changes in titles and Departments/Directorates, the contacts should be:

Road Transport Authority (RTA) , or
Minister for Justice and Community Safety.

Club Advice Sheet 1 | Sausage Sizzles
Club Advice Sheet 2 | Unregistered Vehicle Permits
Club Advice Sheet 3 | CRS Renewal
Club Advice Sheet 4 | How to join Council
Club Advice Sheet 5 | Duty on VVH Vehicles
Club Advice Sheet 6 | Council Affiliation Fees

Council Media Release | LPG

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